What Inspires You?

When Hubby asked me if I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble tonight, my face lit up. To me, Barnes & Noble is the closest to heaven that we’ll find here on earth. Not only does it offer a perfect blend between books and chocolate, it’s also where Hubby and I met for our first date. I find myself falling in love with it (and him) every time I enter the doors.

But Hubby also knew there was something at Barnes & Noble that I’ve been thinking about for days – The Magnolia Journal Spring Issue.

I saw it Thursday night while we were standing in line at Kroger. The lady ahead of us had a full cart, so I was looking for a way to distract myself. That’s when I saw Joanna Gaines in a white dress and sandals, holding a basket full of flowers. It was over for me that quickly. I already knew I wanted it, but as I flipped through the pages a feeling of inspiration washed over me. That happens sometimes (okay, often) when I’m presented with beautiful design.

I didn’t buy the magazine that day. Out of deference to Hubby and our attempt at budgeting, I put it back in the rack and focused instead on the lady scanning the few items we needed to make dinner.

But when Hubby asked me later that night what I was thinking about, I answered honestly, “That magazine.” He chuckled.

“If you like it that much, you should just get it.”

So here we are in “heaven” and I have The Magnolia Journal sitting next to my iPad and it’s even more beautiful than the first time I looked through it. It inspired me to write. It inspired me to think about the things that inspire me and consider how I can incorporate more of them into my life.

Good design inspires me. Whether it’s a neatly┬ásituated room, the perfect combination of colors and images on a billboard, an eye catching ad or a stunning magazine, good design inspires me to write, to create, to grow as a designer myself.

Stories inspire me. I love a carefully crafted story that draws you in, makes you care about someone or something, and leaves you feeling fulfilled, or sometimes wanting more, at the end. I love stories about women who overcome great odds or just look past the mundane to find meaning in their lives. I love stories that make me want to be a better person, or at least a better version of myself.

Nature inspires me. When I’m sitting on the back of a bicycle riding down a tree lined trail or watching the sun set or stargazing on a clear night I’m reminded that the universe is so much bigger than my day to day. I remember that I’m small, and somehow, that inspires me to forget the fear of failure and risk doing something great.

I love that we can find inspiration all around us if we take the time to look. I’m delighted that people are finding ways to cultivate simplicity in a world that seems chaotic and overwhelming on the best of days. I’m challenged to find what makes me happy, brings peace to my soul, and to make room for more of that in my life. I’m finding the courage to push aside negativity and nourish what is positive.

What inspires you? What ignites your passions? Challenge yourself to become the very best version of you, whatever that looks like. And share with us on this journey to become the person you were created to be.

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