This week’s Friday Five is pretty much a random collection of things I love. I’m sharing in hopes that you’ll find something you love too. Enjoy!

Tasting Plate Set

at Target

As plates, I think these are a little silly, but they make awesome spoon rests. We do a lot of entertaining and I use these next to crock pots to keep our counters clean. Bonus: They’re on clearance! You can buy them here.

Goliath Must Fall

by Louie Giglio

We’re all facing giants in our lives – sometimes without even realizing it. This book will wake you up to the giants you may be facing, and give you insight on defeating them. Check it out.

The BEST Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

by Pinch of Yum

I have made these so many times and they do not disappoint. I swap out the sugars for coconut sugar and use sugar free chocolate chips. Sometimes I press the dough into a pan, top with more chocolate chips, coconut and walnuts and make yummy cookie bars. You can find the recipe here.

Pillow Talk Printables

by The Dating Divas

Jason and I have recently discovered the fun of asking each other random questions on date nights or at the end of the night. It’s amazing how much we still have to learn about one another. This is fun to do with your spouse, but can be used in other relationships as well. Download the printables here.

I Heart Organizing

by Jen Jones

I’ve loved this blog for years. It’s been on a bit of a hiatus lately (not that I can throw stones) but it’s a wealth of resources for decorating and organizing your home. And, if nothing else, the pictures are really pretty. Check it out.

Know of anything we should feature in the Friday Five? Leave your suggestions in the comments. We hope you enjoy these things as much as we do!

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